Meet Marshall

Marshall has been actively engaged in his community for over a decade. He has taught environmental education classes, lead in the advocacy for a lifestyle without fossil fuels, worked to develop social movements among young people, interned for the CA state assembly, and actively participated in city government. Now, Marshall’s ready to take the next step in leading his community to a sustainable future that improves the way we live, get around, and consume.

The following are fundamental values that not only define Marshall but our movement overall:

In order to be successful in our mission to create a better world, we have to tell the truth about our situation. The prosperity of our generations depend on the decisions we make in these next few years, giving us all the more reason to create climate action now. It is time that we remove special interests, deception, and inaction from politics and focus on making a sustainable future for our communities.
Disaster has already affected the people of San Jose. Floods have destroyed our homes and power outages have posed a threat to many people’s lives. We must act now to ensure every community is prepared for when disaster inevitably strikes. Access to local fresh produce, public and alternative transportation, and resources to both prepare and cope with disaster are crucial steps San Jose must take to protect our neighborhoods.
Change comes from care for your fellow human, for your planet, and for the generations to come. Both consumers and corporations must accept and welcome new practices and ways of life that support a rapid decrease in San Jose’s carbon emissions. Marshall has adopted a lifestyle independent from fossil fuels and will take the steps necessary to make that lifestyle viable for all people.


These are the core issues I will look to address and change going forward:

  • Affordable and sustainable housing for all income levels
  • Engineering safe streets
  • Increasing public transit quality and accessibility
  • Protecting and improving our public school system
  • Improved communication between government and citizens
  • Building strong and resilient communities



Please contact us anytime via email for information on the campaign, events, or anything on your mind:

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